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Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks

Saturday, March 23rd 2019 5:00 AM — 4:45 PM

International TimeBanking Day!

International Timebanking Day

Join us to celebrate the first annual International Timebanking Day!

The global timebanking movement is growing, spreading goodness around the world in its own unique way. What could be better than to hold an annual Celebration of International Timebanking on March 23, the birthday of Edgar Cahn, who has done so much to get the timebank movement going. Edgar will be 84 years old.

Help celebrate this new tradition by doing any of the following (please use #timebankingday):

Share a photo on Facebook
Ask your members to share a photo
Share one of your stories on Facebook
Ask your members to share a story
Encourage members to make exchanges on this day
Do as many exchanges as possible
Tweet a comment
Create a mini-video on FB or Instagram
Link to an article on timebanking on social media
Consider doing a small (or large) community project on that day

Use the hashtag: #timebankingday

Please share more ideas on the Timebank Coordinators Idea Exchange facebook page at ( , or send your ideas or questions to

To join in this celebration, Edgar has also made his own commitment. In 2017, TBUSA ran a 50-stories-in-50-days project on Instagram, which were then posted on the TBUSA website, For the past many weeks, Edgar has been reflecting on each story in turn, and for each has written a response about the meaningfulness of the story for him. This has truly been a labor of love and very rewarding for him. He plans to put one up every week on the TBUSA blog starting the week after the celebration. If we can pull it together, we are keen to turn them into podcasts staring on the day itself.

We look forward to celebrating this day with you and your members EVERY year!

~the International Timebanking Day Team